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Monday 20 October 2014

Conservatives helping people to find an affordable home in Northampton

Cllr David Mackintosh 

Parliamentary candidate for Northampton South David Mackintosh has welcomed figures showing that the Conservatives are delivering new affordable homes for families in Northampton.

In Northampton, 850 new affordable homes have been delivered since 2010. This means 850 more families able to find a good quality, affordable home and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Thanks to the Conservatives long-term economic plan, over 200,000 new affordable homes have been built across England since 2010; Britain is now building more homes than at any time since 2007. A future Conservative government would deliver 100,000 new homes, available with a 20 per cent discount, exclusively for first-time buyers under the age of 40.

This is in contrast with Labour’s record in government of falling housebuilding and a reduction in the number of social homes to rent by 420,000.

David Mackintosh said: “Conservatives inherited from Labour falling levels of housebuilding which meant families looking for a good quality, affordable home were unable to find one.

“Thanks to the Conservatives long-term economic plan Britain is building again with housebuilding now at its highest level since 2007 and 230,000 new homes given planning permission in the last year.

“This has helped to deliver 850 new affordable homes in Northampton since 2010. A Conservative government after the next election would go further, delivering 100,000 new starter homes, for first-time buyers only, which will be 20 per cent cheaper than the market price, helping more people own their own home.

“The only way to continue building the homes Britain needs is to stick to our long-term economic plan. The biggest threat to housebuilding is a Labour government that would bring back top-down planning, imposes more taxes and regulation on the housing market and make it harder for families to buy a home.”

Thursday 16 October 2014

Chinese delegation in town to see Enterprise Zone progress

Cllr David Mackintosh meeting the Chinese delegation

Cllr David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, this week welcomed the Mayor of Shangrao City in China and a delegation of visitors to The Guildhall to learn more about the Northampton Alive projects and the Enterprise Zone. 

The Mayor and business leaders are looking at investment opportunities in Europe and were keen to visit Northampton during their visit.

Cllr David Mackintosh said, "It is great to welcome visitors from China to Northampton to see the great things happening in our town and to show them the fantastic opportunities for investment we have in the Enterprise Zone which has already helped to bring investment and create new jobs in our town.

"I look forward to working with The Mayor of Shangrao City and visitors from the Chinese delegation in the future and hope they choose to invest here." 

Thursday 16 October 2014

Crime down in Northampton South, making our community a safer place to live

Cllr David Mackintosh with PCSOs in Northampton

Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Northampton South, David Mackintosh, has welcomed news that crime is falling. Crime recorded by the police in Northamptonshire has fallen by 21 per cent since 2010. 

The latest figures from the independent Crime Survey of England and Wales show that crime across the country has fallen by more than a fifth in the same period. 

In England and Wales this means that in the last year, compared with the year before this Government came to power, there were:

More than 2.3 million fewer crimes.

160,000 fewer homes burgled.

290,000 fewer vehicle crimes.

413,000 fewer violent crimes.

962,000 fewer incidents of criminal damages.

Commenting, David Mackintosh said: "The Government is following an action plan to tackle crime and make Northampton South a safer place to live.

"Crime has fallen by 21 per cent in Northamptonshire thanks to our plan and the hard work of police officers.  This means families are safer and more secure – and residents of Northampton South can enjoy a better, brighter future."

Thursday 16 October 2014

Work starts on town centre hotel site

Cllr David Mackintosh on site at the start of building works in Albion Place

This week work has started on an exciting new town centre development that will bring a major new hotel and restaurant into the town centre.

The £8 million Northampton Alive project will see a new 108 bedroom Premier Inn and restaurant constructed in the former Albion Place temporary car park. The development will also create around 50 new jobs as we continue to stimulate the local economy.

We are seeing more visitors coming to Northampton and through the Enterprise Zone and the growing reputation of our Cultural Quarter, people are choosing to stay in our town. We want to make sure they feel welcome, with a range of hotels for different needs and budgets, as we promote our town centre offer.

Councillor David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council said: “Northampton is becoming a destination for visitors. As the Enterprise Zone develops we are seeing more demand for hotel space from business people looking to stay a few nights in our town.

"We have a thriving Cultural Quarter, three professional sports teams and increasing numbers of business people coming into Northampton. With so many reasons to visit we need accommodation, and the new hotel and restaurant in the heart of our Cultural Quarter will be a real attraction to anyone looking to stay in Northampton.”


Thursday 16 October 2014

New figures show Conservatives’ plan is delivering more security for families in Northampton South

Cllr David Mackintosh

David Mackintosh has welcomed new figures showing that 1,099 fewer people are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Northampton South since 2010, a 37 per cent drop. This means more people in work, with the security of a regular pay packet and a brighter future ahead of them.

People are moving off benefits and into work across the East Midlands, with 114,000 more people in work compared to the last election.

Across Britain unemployment has fallen by its largest annual amount since records began – falling below two million for the first time since 2008.

Jobs are being created in Northampton South in places such as the Enterprise Zone, Cosworth, Carlsberg and Church's Shoes. 

The figures also confirmed that next year the basic state pension will rise by 2.5 per cent, faster than inflation and earnings, because of the Conservatives’ triple lock. The £148 rise will help ensure financial security for older people who have worked hard all their lives.

Since 2010 the basic state pension has risen by £800.

David Mackintosh said: “These figures are great news, confirming not only that 1,099 fewer people in Northampton South are relying on benefits since 2010, but also that the state pension will rise by £148 next year – faster than earnings or inflation. This means a brighter, more secure future for people in Northampton South who want to work hard and get on, as well as for those who’ve spent their whole lives doing so.

“This has happened because of our action in Government: backing local businesses to create jobs with our long-term economic plan, reforming welfare, and introducing the pensions triple lock to ensure that people who have worked hard all their lives are properly rewarded. 

“As these figures show that plan is working, delivering an above inflation rise in the state pension and getting us closer to our target for full employment. This means greater financial security for hardworking taxpayers and their families in Northampton South, who can look forward to the future with greater peace of mind.” 

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Work underway to respond to residents survey

Cllr David Mackintosh with the responses to a recent residents survey


David Mackintosh, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Northampton South, has been responding to thousands of survey responses from local residents this week as part of his campaign to succeed Brian Binley when he retires as an MP at the General Election in May.
David said: "It was great to get such a big response which will help me understand the issues people are concerned about and, if I am elected as their MP, will represent in Parliament. I am now responding to the surveys and contacting people about the issues they have raised with me."


Wednesday 15 October 2014

Winners of Northampton in Bloom unveiled

Cllr David Mackintosh addressing the guests at the Northampton in Bloom awards

Green-fingered gardeners from across Northampton have been honoured at the annual 'Bloom' awards, with the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Northampton South, Cllr David Mackintosh, personally thanking all those involved for their efforts to spruce up the town.

Around 200 people attended Northampton in Bloom’s annual awards evening at the Guildhall on October 14, with the event celebrating the horticultural achievement and hard work of keen gardeners who helped Northampton scoop Silver Gilt and ‘most improved area’ in the East Midlands in Bloom 2014 competition.

Cllr Mackintosh said: "We are very fortunate in Northampton that each year so many people are willing to put so much time and dedication into making our town look so wonderful.  And of course each year the standard keeps getting higher and higher.

"Bloom also helps to bring many different people and organisations together to work to improve, not only their local communities, but ultimately the whole town.

"Whether it is schools, churches, community groups, businesses, or local individuals – the many different people from all over Northampton who come together to make this happen show us the true meaning of local pride and community spirit.

"As the standard or entries rise, each year our town looks better and better thanks to the efforts of the people here today. 

"I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed to Bloom and who have shown what hard work, dedication and community spirit are really all about."

A record number of entrants took part in this year's Northampton in Bloom competition, with 21 community groups, nine schools, 12 businesses and eight individual residents vying for a medal.

There were 11 gold medals, eight silver gilts, 21 silvers and nine bronzes handed out at the ceremony.

Councillor Mike Hallam, chair of the Northampton Bloom Planning Committee, said: “Bloom is about people working together to help make the town look as beautiful as possible and the floral displays have been wonderful this year.

“Bloom really is a team effort and the awards night is about celebrating everyone’s contribution and recognising their green-fingered talents.”

Wednesday 15 October 2014

No criminal charges for Lava & Ignite crush

The scene of the tragedy 

Cllr David Mackintosh, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Northampton South, has called for lessons to be learned to ensure no repeat of the nightclub tragedy which cost two young women their lives.

Following a lengthy investigation into the deaths of Nabila Nanfuka and Laurene-Danielle Jackson at Lava & Ignite Nightclub in Northampton in October 2011, no criminal charges are to be brought against anyone involved in the incident.

This case has now been passed to HM Coroner who will set an inquest date in due course.

Cllr Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, said: "We carried out a thorough investigation alongside Northamptonshire Police into this tragic incident, which cost the lives of two young women. It is crucial to me that we learn any lessons that should be learned from this, so that it is prevented from happening again.

"We will review the evidence that we have gathered and, when we have liaised with the Coroner, we will look to see if action should be taken under the Health and Safety at Work Act."

The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday, October 19, 2011 during the Wickedest Wickedest club night at Lava & Ignite nightclub.


Friday 03 October 2014

Echoes of Northampton Castle

Cllr David Mackintosh, Cllr Brandon Eldred and Dr Marie Dickie at the launch of the exhbition in Hazelrigg House

Cllr David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, has officially opened an exhibition exploring the long history of Northampton Castle at Hazelrigg House in Mare Fair.
Northampton Castle was one of the most significant Norman Castles in England.  It was witness to the trial of Thomas Beckett and played a significant role in the events leading up to the creation of the Magna Carta.  As the first major castle a day’s ride from London, it was strategically important. 
The Hazelrigg family owned the castle until 1861, which by then had fallen into ruin.  They sold the site to Samuel Walker and moved to Hazelrigg House, which was built in 1662 and miraculously escaped the Great Fire of 1675 that wiped out most of the historic buildings in the town centre.
The castle site passed to L&NW Railway Company in 1876 and was levelled to make way for a station which was built and opened in 1879.
‘Echoes of Northampton Castle’, which has been developed by Northampton Borough Council museum service with help from the Friends of Northampton Castle, explores the rich history of Northampton Castle through 1,000 years and how its presence is still felt today.
Cllr David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, said: “This year has been a year of commemoration and celebration for Northampton.  As well as being 100 years since the start of WWI, it is 825 years since the town was granted its charter by Richard I and 850 years since the trial of Thomas Becket at Northampton Castle.  We have held some great events this year and this exhibition about the castle is one of them.”
‘Echoes of Northampton Castle’ is at Hazelrigg House, 33 Mare Fair, until 28 February 2015.  Exhibition opening times are Friday and Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm.  Entry is free.

Wednesday 01 October 2014

David welcomes Conservative Party Conference announcments

Prime Minister David Cameron addressing the Conservative Party Conference

David Mackintosh, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Northampton South, has welcomed the announcments from the Conservative Party Conference. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced a Conservative Government will cut taxes for 30 million hardworking taxpayers.

A future Conservative Government will raise the tax-free personal allowance from £10,500 to £12,500. That will take 1 million more of the lowest paid workers out of income tax - and will give a tax cut to 30 million more. We will also raise the threshold at which people pay the 40p rate from £41,900 to £50,000. This will bring fairness back to the tax system. This will be paid for by taking difficult decisions on spending - we will cut taxes and cut the deficit, just like we have in this Parliament.

Cllr David Mackintosh, said "We want to make the tax system fairer so that people get to keep more of the money they earn. That is why a Conservative Government will cut tax for hardworking people. We believe that if you work hard and do the right thing, you should keep more of your own money to spend as you choose. That's what our long-term economic plan means for you."